CANIDAPT has compiled the links below from sources that provide science-informed, evidence-based training practices, many written by veterinary behaviourists. While we strive to keep links updated and stay abreast of the most current research on force-free training, please contact us if you find a broken link or a link that does not align with positive reinforcement training methods. We will add to and modify this list periodically to reflect the most useful resources for our clients, colleagues, and any other interested visitors to our website.

AVSAB POSITION STATEMENTS – The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has released a number of position statements on topics including dominance, punishment, positive vet visits, and more. A resource every dog owner, trainer, and behaviour consultant should have at their fingertips.

SIRIUS DOG TRAINING – The home of Dr. Ian Dunbar’s wonderful free book downloads Before You Get Your Puppy and After You Get Your Puppy, plus a treasure trove of handouts for everything from house training to separation anxiety. All FREE!

GROWING UP FDSA – This free e-book is distributed by Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and is a guide to raising a performance puppy. I love that the articles are easy to read, generally about 2 pages, with real life, tangible exercises to work on with your pup. Everything in this handy guide translates well to a wonderful pet dog, as well. FREE!

DR. SOPHIA YIN – The late veterinary behaviourist Dr. Sophia Yin wrote a huge amount on behaviour issues encountered by dog owners and trainers alike. This link leads to a directory of articles published on her website on a wealth of subjects related to dog behaviour.

NICOLE WILDE – Nicole Wilde has published a number of articles about fear in dogs, children and dogs, separation anxiety, and more.

DOGGONE SAFE – This link leads to information on dog bite prevention for parents. This is critical information not only for families with dogs in the home, but for all parents, guardians, and caregivers to help teach their children how to safely interact with dogs they encounter. Doggone Safe has loads of other valuable educational materials, including activities directed towards children – a great website to explore.

ALBERTA FORCE FREE ALLIANCE (AFFA) – Aside from being a nice resource about force-free training and handling in general, AFFA also offers a list of trainers, groomers, daycares, and other pet care providers in the province of Alberta who have signed the pledge showing their commitment to force-free work with pets. AFFA also offers a great “Why Force Free?” seminar appropriate for employees of pet-oriented businesses as well as the general public to help educate pet professionals and owners alike.