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Dogwise has an exceptional selection of positive reinforcement and force-free training and behaviour modification books, e-books, audiobooks, and videos, and is one of our favourite resources for dog-related publications.

The Power of Positive Dog Training, by Pat Miller – One of Kate’s all-time favourite dog training books, we believe this should be on the shelf of every dog owner, from pet home to professional. Miller’s clear descriptions of how to elicit, mark, and reward behaviours make this book an indispensable tool in anyone’s training toolbox.

Positive Training for Show Dogs, by Vicki Ronchette – While some of the information in this book will be somewhat repetitive for an individual already working with mark-and-reward based training, the positive methods delivered in this book for show ring skills such as gaiting, stacking, and stand for exam, as well as troubleshooting information for common show ring issues, set a new precedent for building a relationship with your conformation dog that builds joy and confidence.

Control Unleashed – The Puppy Program, by Leslie McDevitt – While the original Control Unleashed book focuses on problem solving different behavioural issues handlers often have in sport training or competition, The Puppy Program is “meant as preventative medicine for puppy raisers.” This book helps to avoid or minimize common issues such as high arousal and excitement, setting an important foundation for self-control and regulation. Even if you aren’t planning to do a dog sport, this is a great way to help a pup teach itself to manage excitement and engage self-control – and once your dog is ready to listen, you can teach it anything.