Leash reactivity: why does my dog freak out on leash?

This is a topic I get a ton of questions about, particularly in my adult basics training classes. Why is my dog carrying on and putting on a huge display that looks scary at the end of the leash when we’re walking? Especially when he’s okay at the dog park? (We will discuss dog parks in another post altogether!)

While I could write at length about this topic, I recently found this incredible article by Alice Tong of Choose Positive Dog Training and I thought instead of reinventing the wheel I would simply share the link from Karen Pryor’s website. This is such an interesting and important topic – even if you’ve never encountered it, knowing what causes the issue and how to begin to condition a new emotional response are great tools to have in your training toolbox.

Check out the article – Reducing Leash Reactivity: The Engage-Disengage Game.