CANIDAPT is now a member of AFFA

We are excited to announce that as of today, CANIDAPT is a member of AFFA – Alberta Force Free Alliance! We are very proud of our choice to train without force and to built partnerships between people and their dogs without aversive training techniques.

CANIDAPT welcomes clients and queries from those who haven’t made the switch, because it takes a lot of gumption to try something new after years of doing it a particular way, and we never want clients to feel shame about choices they’ve made in the past. When we know better, we do better. I will write a future blog post on my journey to choosing force-free methods, but suffice to say it took a lot of humility and acknowledging that my choices were both not working and not growing the relationship I wanted with a dog I love dearly. I firmly believe that any dog, of any drive, difficulty, or working capacity, can be trained successfully without force. If we can do it with tigers, we can do it with Malinois – or any other high drive, hard working breed.

Thank you, AFFA, for accepting my application for membership. I look forward to continuing to teach force-free training methods and help to educate individuals on different training choices.